The primary purpose of PRINTLINE series toner cartridges that you offer the best replacement for the original toner cartridge manufacturers and thus can significantly reduce the cost of printing, but the quality and quantity compared to the original toner.

Recycling toner and toner cartridge are two different terms that describe different procedures.

Charging is "maybe" the cheapest way to extend the length of your cartridge, but the quality and limitations of this procedure was soon apparent. When charging is done only Refill powder. In addition, a powder that is used to supplement the generally the same for all types of toner (and should not be) and is generally of dubious quality. All parts of toner cartridges they remain the same, worn out and worn it only reduces print quality and lifespan of your printer.

Recycling toner on the other hand involves a complete replacement of all parts of the tape that are worn out. With the help of world-renowned manufacturer of components and powder for black and white and color toner cartridges, Static Control, a PRINTLINE boasts the best quality parts that are changed in the process of recycling toner cartridges. PRINTLINE toner cartridge is filled with 5-10% more powder and thus extends the use of up to 15% more than the original cartridge.

Aspen is an authorized distributor of PRINTLINE toners.

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