There are values that transcend time, both in terms of technological innovation and in the field of aesthetics. One of the link between them is certainly laser engraving, more recent technology has been able to prove it. Specifically, laser engraving is a technology that is a combination of IT, creativity and imagination. A huge advantage for you as a potential customer, especially for us serious participation by your imagination and your creativity in the final result of our work together. In practical terms, laser engraving is a process in which there is a burning, melting and evaporation of the material is exposed to the laser beam. Material processing laser technology has many advantages. No contact, the process is clean and dry, flexible and cost-effective. When we say there is no contact literally mean it. The only tool that we use in laser engraving, cutting and marking is light and precise beam. Laser engravings are durable, resistant to chemicals, UV radiation and scratches. Laser engraving for the past nine years, the basic activity of the company Aspen.

Aspen - laser engraving offers the following services:

  • laser engraving
  • laser cutting
  • laser marking
  • stamps

See some of our work in various fields:

Aspen - laser engraving

souvenirs, stamps, posters, labels, companies, models, models, key chains, technical tables, accession numbers, labels, wooden business cards, gifts, pendants made of EVA foam, labels, labeling facilities, 3D letters, greeting cards, icons ... galerija

Aspen - laser engraving laser system has one of the world leaders in the production of these types of machines - Epilog Laser Engraver





Aspen - laser engraving and cutting. Stamps, tables and technical models - Pozega - Serbia